Which oil do I use for oil pulling?

by Cindy

I recently found out that my overall type for dosha is Pitta-Kapha. My current numbers for mind-body state are as follows: IN MY BODY: Vata = 18, Pitta = 9 and Kapha = 19 and IN MY MIND: Vata = 16, Pitta = 19 and Kapha = 15. Which oil would I use because in the last few years I have been suffering from Rosacea on my face and Eczema?

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Best Oils For Oil Pulling - Pitta/Kapha
by: Kate

Hello. Thank you for visiting and writing in such a great question!

We first must ask you, how long have you suffered with Rosacea and Ezcema?

For these conditions we can tell you that coconut oil works very well to heal and relieve symptoms of flaking, itching and blistering. You can apply coconut oil externally to the affected area(s) making sure that it stays on as continuously as possible. This speeds healing.

Based upon the dosha information that you gave us, we would recommend that you avoid using coconut oil for oil pulling and instead use either sunflower or sesame oils. Just make sure you only use "unrefined" sunflower or sesame oil. This is crucial to your overall oil pulling success.

We would also like to mention that we are in the process of formulating a detailed dosha questionnaire. We hope to have it available online very soon. We invite you to take part in this questionnaire as it might be an interesting comparison to the information you already have.

Would you be interested in taking part once it becomes available?

If so, we would be happy to let you know when it's completed.

Meanwhile, we wish you much success with oil pulling and let us know how else we can help you.

Be Well!


Response to Kate
by: Cindy

Hi Kate,

Yes I have had Rosacea and Eczema for the last several years. And thank you for suggesting Unrefined Sunflower or Sesame Oil for oil pulling. I do have coconut oil that I use for cooking, and I will be applying that to the Eczema as well.


Dosha questionaire
by: Cindy

Yes I would love to be notified when the detailed dosha questionnaire is created so that I may answer the questions for myself and compare the results with the current findings that I have right now. Please let me know when it is available and thank you.

Dosha Questionnaire
by: Kate

Hi Cindy,

Great! We will notify you when it's ready to go. It should be available very soon.

My very best,


Which type of oil to use
by: MG

My Dosha type is vata 5, pitta 4 and kapha 1. Which would be the best oil to use for oil pulling?

by: ANDY

I have been using sesame oil for oil pulling for last 3 weeks. to get rid of bad breath problem. I have seen no change. my bad breath has increased more. and its annoying .. kindly suggest should I change the oil or continue with the same.

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