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How To Use Coconut Oil

Are you familiar with how to use coconut oil?

Of all the ways to use this oil, the quickest and easiest is to eat it right off a spoon!

However, if you're someone who finds that challenging, here are some other ways that this versatile health food can benefit you and your family:

How to use coconut oil inside and outside the body
  • As a healing medicine (it has anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties)
  • To nourish, protect and heal skin
  • For cooking, baking, grilling, sauteing or stir frying
Helpful hints for how to use coconut oil
  • As a natural hair shampoo or conditioner
  • As a deodorant
  • As a toothpaste
  • As a shaving cream
  • For home improvement projects
  • As a sexual lubricant

How To Use Coconut Oil
As A Healing Therapy

The use of coconut oil as a natural medicine is commonplace in some cultures. For other cultures its enormous healing powers are just becoming more well known.

Modern science has learned a few things about how coconut oil can be used. It's wonderful as a preventative but equally beneficial as a treatment.

By consuming pure coconut oil regularly

you help to fortify your immune system.

By having a strong immune system

any bodily condition can be healed.

The daily consumption of coconut oil helps to strengthen your immune system because:

  • The oil helps to improve the function of your immune system.
  • The oil is a strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal remedy. It contains three (3) potent antimicrobial fatty acids. They are:
    lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid.

Besides helping the body internally, it can also be applied topically to speed healing of external areas. Using it topically for any sort of injury is yet another method of how to use coconut oil medicinally.

For instance, it can be applied to any skin wound like:

  • Scrapes
  • Cuts
  • Warts
  • Insect Bites

If you are someone that bruises easily,

coconut oil works beautifully for that too.

Applying it to such wounds will prevent infection because the oil provides a protective barrier between the affected area and outside contaminants. Consequently, you will experience a marked reduction in:

  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Ultimately, the use of coconut oil speeds healing time

and heals damaged tissue.

Do You Want To Know How To Use Coconut Oil To Help Prevent And Treat Disease?

It's one of the most powerful alternative healing techniques known to man and has been around for thousands of years. It's an ancient Ayurvedic oral cleansing technique called, oil pulling therapy. It's simple and takes only minutes a day.

Coconut oil works wonderfully for this process but it's not ideal for everyone.  Sometimes, another cold pressed oil like sunflower or sesame oil works better. To find out if coconut oil is the best one for you, take our free dosha test

This way you will receive optimum results for your efforts because you will know what works best for your individual body type.

To learn more about how this oil can benefit specific health conditions, check out health benefits of coconut oil.

More Ideas For How To Use Coconut Oil...


How to use coconut oil for cooking

Cooking Veggies With Coconut Oil

We're sure you all know how to use coconut oil in the kitchen, right?

Coconut oil can work so nicely for a variety of food preparation.

Whether you want to saute, bake, stir-fry, grill or whip something up in the blender, this oil is one of your best choices.

We eat it in all kinds of ways. Coconut oil combines well with almost anything so if you're looking for new ideas, check out how to eat coconut oil.

Find out much more about why this oil is highly recommended for cooking by going to our page on cooking with coconut oil.

Around Home Or Office

How to use coconut oil around the house

Using Coconut Oil Around The House

Would you like to know how to use coconut oil around the house, garage or office?

How many times do you go looking for WD-40 when you could just use a bit of coconut oil?

If you need lubrication for any moving part like wheels, hinges, rollers or chains consider using this oil instead.

Health And Beauty

Using coconut oil for the skin is a very popular way to use this oil.

From head to toe it nourishes, protects and moisturizes.

Due to it's anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, the oil is a remedy for all sorts of skin conditions.

How to use coconut oil for the whole body

Coconut Oil Tones And Revitalizes

As an example, it's been helpful for conditions like:

  • dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • sunburn
  • diaper rash

Toning and Moisturizing

How to use coconut oil to look younger

Younger and Healthier Looking Skin

As part of a complete beauty regimen, there is nothing better than to use coconut oil for the face (and body).

It can be used anytime day or night, but is particularly wonderful after a shower or bath.

As it gently moisturizes your skin, it will also soothe, refresh and tone. Your skin will be born anew feeling velvety soft and radiating youth!

It's also a perfect makeup remover and lip balm.

As A Sunscreen

Coconut oil is also an effective sunscreen too.

It naturally protects the body from harmful rays without exposing it to unnecessary chemicals and toxic metals that are often in conventional sun blocks.

In addition, it's protective against free radical damage that can progress into skin cancer.

To learn about all the ways that it can protect and rejuvenate skin, please visit coconut oil for skin.

How to use coconut oil as a sunscreen

At The Beach



Have you ever considered using coconut oil as a shaving cream?

Some men prefer using this oil versus commercial shaving creams and they claim they would never go back!

They say the oil lessens irritation on the face and neck, detoxifies skin as they shave, and moisturizes the area all at once.

Also, the oil makes it easier and faster to clear razor blades as they are used.

How to use coconut oil for shaving

Shaving With Coconut Oil

A few say the only downside is that it's a bit messy and they have to wipe the oil into a towel more often. However, they say it's a small price to pay for all of the other advantages.


Another way to use coconut oil is as a deodorant.

After using it on your underarms they'll be left feeling soft and silky.

For a homemade recipe that you can easily make yourself, check out how to make an all natural coconut oil deodorant.

How to use coconut oil as a natural deodorant

All Natural Deodorant


How to use coconut oil as a toothpaste

All Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste

A really wonderful way of how to use coconut oil is on the teeth.

There is nothing better for teeth especially if they're sensitive!

Remember how the oil is highly antimicrobial?

Can you think of a better way to clean your mouth everyday?

To make homemade oil toothpaste you just combine equal parts coconut oil, baking soda and water. For desired consistency, add water as necessary.

Hair Conditioning

How many of you deal with dry, damaged hair? Have you ever had your hair highlighted or color treated? Do you use the blow dryer, curling iron or rollers on a regular basis?

All of these things are great styling tools, but aren't the best for hair health. The use of coconut oil can change all that. The use of coconut oil for hair nourishes, protects, and revitalizes. This oil leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and very manageable.

After you shampoo, just rub a little oil in your hands and massage it all over your head. Do not rinse out. If you are able to let your hair dry naturally, that's ideal. If not, blow dry your hair as usual.

You now have a non-toxic, all natural hair conditioner!

In addition to using it on wet hair you can also dab a little on dry hair as a styling gel. Just be careful-a little goes a long way!


Have you ever thought about how to use coconut oil as a sexual lubricant?

Forget jellies or creams that are full of chemicals. Coconut oil is completely natural, very soothing and works better than you could ever imagine. It's very practical, inexpensive and easy to use.

Caution: Coconut oil weakens latex condoms!

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