Hot Flashes Side Effect From Coconut Oil

by Julia Mc.
(New Zealand)

I started drinking Twinings Cranberry tea with 1-2 Tbsps coconut oil, just once a day and started to get frequent hot flashes. It's summer here and this has been unbearable so I've stopped for now. Do you think if I build up slowly from one tsp in a drink my body will adapt better? I am pre-menopausal and have had some hot flashes when I started low carb/paleo eating and then they went away completely as if my body adapted (or else it's coincidence!) Any thoughts? I want to keep having it as I felt great in every other way, and VERY satiated.

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Coconut Oil And Hot Flashes
by: Kate

Hi Julie,

In answer to your question, we agree with your decision to decrease your daily intake of coconut oil. Perhaps it was too much for your system but maybe it wasn't. The best way to find out is to do what you suggested and start again at just 1 tsp. and work up slowly.

In addition, we want to advise you of the following:
If you are consuming any polyunsaturated oils like canola, sunflower, corn (anything but extra virgin coconut oil), we suggest that you eliminate them from your daily diet.

Also, be sure to avoid ALL soy as well. For example, even fermented soy like tempeh or tofu.

Finally, make sure you are consuming only pure, virgin, organic coconut oil. No cheap or processed coconut oil's will do. Pure coconut oil is the best for consumption because it's highest in antioxidants and other nutrients.

Hopefully, you'll find all of the above helpful and do let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

We commend you on your regular consumption (and enjoyment) of coconut oil! Good for you.

Thanks for writing in...

Be Well,


by: Julia Mc

Good advice! Yes I'm doing sugar and seed oil (PUFA)free eating... in fact right now I'm doing the Whole 30 which is going brilliantly now it's my day 10.

And today I started on 1 tsp of coconut oil again...will build slowly and observe.

Thanks for the help.

Cheers. Julia.

Coconut Oil and Hot Flashes
by: Anonymous

Hi Julie,

Your most welcome! Glad to hear that all is going well with your program....

Keep us posted on your success!!

Cheers to you,


Coconut oil and Hot Flashes
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 54 years old. I have been suffering with hot flashes and night sweat for the past three months. It is a terrible feeling. I bought fans for my desk at work and a fan near my bed. I'm at work sweating and fanning, sweating in front of people on my forehead, which is so embarrassing . I read about the benefits of coconut oil and start taking 3 tablespoon a day with food.
Three days later my hot flashes and night sweat became less each day. Now it's been a week and a few
days and I don't have any hot flashes nor night sweats.

Coconut Oil and Hot Flashes NEW
by: Kate

Hi Anonymous,

That is absolutely wonderful news! We certainly feel for you as going thru hot flashes day after day and night after night is certainly NOT fun!!

Thank you for sharing such an awesome testimony with us and we congratulate you for finding an all natural solution to your problem.

All the best to you and we know you're in good hands with coconut oil!!

Many blessings,


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