Does Coconut Oil Tighten Loose Skin?

Hi. I lost a lot of weight but the belly skin is a bit saggy. I heard that raw coconut can help tighten this. Is this true?? If so, how often do I use this and do I rub it directly on my belly??

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TIghtening Loose Skin With Coconut Oil
by: Kate


Great question and we thank you for posting it! Your concern is shared by many and we hope all who read this will benefit too!

Coconut oil is the very best to use for this purpose.

Ask you look down at your belly, what you want to do is rub your belly with the oil in a clockwise, circular motion. You want to rub it long enough and in such a way that you create "heat" by doing it. (So, that may mean rubbing your belly 80 times vs. just a few!)

The production of heat does two important things:

-It makes the oil more viscous.

-Opens up the pores which allows for greater and faster absorption into the skin.

Do this as often as you wish until you see improvements happening with your skin.

Once again, thank you for posting this question and we hope it helps!

Let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

Here's to you and your brand new belly! :-)

Be Well,


'Chicken skin', oh my!
by: Anonymous

Oh no! I fear a 'chicken skin' neck is beginning to develop. Can organic coconut oil help? If yes, how much and how often? I use the oil on my hair and I love it!

'Chicken skin', oh my!
by: Anonymous

Oh no! I fear a 'chicken skin' neck is beginning to develop. Can organic coconut oil help? If yes, how much and how often? I use the oil on my hair and I love it!

'Chicken skin', oh my!
by: Anonymous

Oh no! I fear a 'chicken skin' neck is beginning to develop. Can organic coconut oil help? If yes, how much and how often? I use the oil on my hair and I love it!

Response to "Chicken Skin Is Starting To Develop On My Neck"
by: Kate

Hi Anonymous,

Oh Yes! Organic coconut oil is wonderful for that sort of thing. You may need to apply the oil liberally to the neck multiple times/day so that the neck skin gets a continual dose of its healing benefits.

Also, have you ever consumed coconut oil? If not, that would be something to consider as the benefits from the oil tend to work faster when taken internally as well as applied topically to the skin. You know, healing works from the inside out and from the outside in!

For internal consumption, we recommend that if someone has never eaten it before to start out slowly at 1 teaspoon/day. Do this for a few days to one week and if all goes well with that, you can increase to 2 teaspoons/day. If that goes well, then you can up it to 1 tablespoon/day.

The average daily dose is 1 tablespoon.

For more ideas on how to consume it, check out this page,

Wishing you the very best and here's to you having a neck that's free of "chicken skin" sooner than later!!

Please let us know how the coconut oil works out!

To your health,


by: Anonymous


When to use?
by: Anonymous

Should I put it on before or after shower?

Should I Put It On Before or After Showering?
by: Kate

Hi Anonymous,

The best way to do it is to put it on after a shower or bath. That way it soaks into your skin more easily as the pores are opened from taking the shower or bath.

Here's to your soft, supple and beautiful looking skin!
Thanks for writing in...

Blessings & Health,


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Lovely skin
by: Mary

I've been using organic coconut oil for awhile and I'm in love with myself I'm in my 50s and get so many compliments of looking so young thank you organic coconut oil oh I also cook with it

Response to Lovely Skin
by: Kate

Hi Mary,

That is the best news!!! How fabulous for you and you must be loving all those compliments!!! :-)
Keep up the good work and as you continue to use it, you will just keep looking and feeling better and better. Yay!!!

Thanks for sharing your good news with us!

Have an awesome day.

Healthy regards,


nice post
by: shirley

Apply aloe vera juice to your face, this can help you to tighten your skin. Also apply fenugreek paste to your face, this is also good.


by: Ismael

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Under my eyes
by: Anonymous

I have loose skin under my eyes when I smile or laugh. My question is will the coconut oil tighten up my skin after use

Coconut oil
by: Jl

will coconut oil for my saggy, wrinkly eyelids?

After twins
by: SB

I had twins three years ago and they stretched me so much my abs separated and left me with tons of loose skin on my stomach. My upper stomach has beautiful abs from working out but my lower is still loose because the abs are separated and therefore will not tighten up. Will the consumption of coconut oil plus rubbing it on fix this problem so I don't have to consider a tummy tuck?

Coconut NEW
by: Anonymdebbieous

Use coconut oil for face and neck care, use a good dollop on your toothbrush after the normal paste then oil pull by swishing the solid oil in your mouth up to fifteen mins then spit...use it on your hair pop a shower cap over it...also use on intimate body areas it's not greasy....good stuff and add to smoothies!

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