How Coconut Oil Benefits

You Externally

Come along and discover how coconut oil benefits the body from head to toe!

Coconut oil not only benefits those of us seeking to feel better on the inside, it can also do amazing things for how we look and feel on the outside.

Coconut oil benefits the body in many ways

If you're looking for something that is 100% pure quality and works better than you could imagine, coconut oil is it!  The health of my skin and hair has never been better and has convinced me (and others around me) that this is not your run of the mill oil.

Initially, I used coconut oil as part of a nutritional program to heal internal imbalances and regulate digestion. For years, I had been a sufferer of IBS and dealt with the ups and downs of irregularity, gas, nausea, acid reflux etc.

In the beginning, my system couldn't get enough of this healthy fat and while my digestive issues didn't disappear overnight, I did notice greater energy and less digestive upsets.  

Now, after 8 years, my system has healed completely. Goodbye to IBS and all the other bodily symptoms I had once experienced. The combination of taking the oil internally and making other important lifestyle changes has brought about a new and improved me!  

For more about how coconut oil benefits internal health, see our page on
health benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Benefits To Skin

As I took in my daily coconut oil, my insides felt better and I noticed something else taking place. My skin wasn’t as dry anymore and the mild acne that used to plague me as a young adult had virtually disappeared!

Little by little, the oil was softening, soothing and healing my skin from the inside out!

Ever since I can remember, I always had dry, itchy skin (especially in the winter) so this was a thrilling, unexpected benefit!  My underarms love it too as I'm no longer experiencing rashes or stinging from conventional deodorants and it works amazingly well.

You too can have the softest and healthiest underarms by using coconut oil.  To see our all natural deodorant recipe, visit coconut oil deodorant now and begin enjoying spending on one less toiletry!

There was also something else that happened. I learned through my work with Dr. J that my dry skin was a result of:

  • Characteristics of my vata body type.
  • Lack of dietary essential fatty acids (EFA’s).
  • Sluggish liver function.
  • Deficiency of fat digesting enzymes.

When your body is balanced with the appropriate level of nutrients (especially essential fatty acids) your skin is naturally soft and supple. Fortunately, that is why coconut oil works so well.

It contains a high level of medium-chain fatty acids that supply necessary nutrients to organs like the skin. As a result the skin holds on to moisture and stays strong, vital and flexible.

Besides using pure coconut oil for skin there is another product that is also available. If your looking for a moisturizing bar soap, coconut oil soap is another great option.

Additional Coconut Oil Benefits

Apart from being an excellent moisturizer, coconut oil benefits skin in other helpful ways.

One of my favorite things to do with coconut oil is massage it all over me after a shower or bath. It's a great way to start or end the day.

For me it does two important things:

Physiologically, it re-fortifies skin with it's natural protective acid layer that has been washed off during my shower or bath.

This chemical barrier helps to ward off infection and strengthens skin and underlying tissue.

Emotionally, it calms and relaxes and gives me that all is well with the world feeling.

Coconut oil benefits from head to toe

Coconut Oil

After A Shower Or Bath

Coconut Oil and Hair

Coconut oil benefits hair in similar ways.

It has successfully nourished, protected and revitalized my hair and scalp and it can do the same for yours!

Coconut oil benefits hair of all types

Many Hair Colors and Textures

Benefit From Pure Coconut Oil

Just like my issues with dry skin, my hair frequently looked dry and frizzy.

It seemed as though I just got plugged into an electric socket (as my mom would say).

Going to the salon was great because they would cut and style my hair and put loads of stuff on it to make it behave.

I loved how I looked immediately after... however, I didn't really care for using styling products full of chemicals.

Thus, I began my search for a natural alternative.

Coconut oil for my hair has been a blessing and I love it because it's pure and natural.

Additionally, a container of coconut oil lasts quite awhile and is very reasonably priced.

So, as you read above coconut oil for hair can take the place of many styling products if you just give it a chance. It also helps to counter the effects of salon and styling chemicals as well as protect hair from:

  • Sun damage
  • Chlorine in swimming pools
  • Moisture loss from salt water
  • Thinning and baldness

If you want to give your hair an extra kick of coconut, you can try coconut oil shampoo. This will really make your hair healthy and radiant!

With all the good that coconut oil does for hair; we do want to caution you about one thing...

Coconut oil works better as a leave-in conditioner if you live in temperate to hot climates rather than cold.

The reason?

The oil changes consistencies with the environment. In colder environments the oil becomes solid and there's a very good chance it could do the same thing on the top of your head!

Try it today and discover how the benefits of coconut oil can help you from head to toe!

For other ways of using coconut oil, visit how to use coconut oil.

Looking for some different ways to eat coconut oil? - check out some of our suggestions here at how to eat coconut oil.

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