Coconut Bedding for Horses

I would like to know if coconut husks are used as bedding for horse stalls? If so, where can I purchase it? I have not seen any in tack and feed stores and don't know of any stables that use it in the States. Do you have any information as to whether it is safe for them and if it is cost effective for the owner. I am alittle tired of using wood products for stalls. I would love to go green!!!

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Response to: Coconut Bedding for Horses
by: Kate


Coconut husks are definitely used as bedding for horse stalls.

Many horse owners in Europe are already using it as evidenced by a lady in Italy who uses nothing but coconut husks in her stalls. She also talks about how very safe it is for the horse as well as all the advantages that come with cleanup when using it.

For further information please see her website

As far as where you can purchase it in the States? We do not exactly know because this is not our area of expertise. However, we do know that there are companies from all over that export and import this product.

Interestingly, we came across this thread of emails just recently from users (like yourself) looking to purchase coconut husk shavings for their horses and/or other farm animals. From what these folks are saying, farmers and horse owners in the southern Ohio/Kentucky region have located a supplier for coconut husks, but no name was mentioned. Apparently, the cost was reasonable too.

For additional information on this, check out

Thanks so much for your inquiry and we support you 100% in wanting to go green by utilizing coconut husks in your stalls!!

We will continue to research this issue and attempt to come up with several names of suppliers. If you would, please let us know if you find out something more as well.

That will be very helpful information for many going forward.

Thanks and Be Well!


Horse Wellness Bedding

For the health of your horse is of paramount
importance that the bedding is kept clean and in the best phyto-sanitary condition.
Coconuts fiber bedding, due to its high absorption capacity, ensures
the complete removal of odours and a total
absence of dust. It maintains optimal
phyto-sanitary conditions and prevents the
onset of serious diseases (rheumatism,
respiratory,worms or onychomycosis of
the foot etc).

Good results with coconuts bedding in milch cow, calf, steer and cattle breeding.
The animals remains clean and dry, with a decrease of odour thanks to its strong deodorant power (retains liquid and ammonia). The presence of mosquitoes and flies drop off.

The coconuts fiber is very soft and smooth never slippery. Compared to woody bedding, or wheat straw, the use of coconuts fiber allows to use small quantities of product saving, consequently, costs and space of storage, and reducing manure-heap volume

We provide several horse-stables in Italy and in many other Countries.

For more information visit our websites:

Coconut Husk Bedding
by: Kate

Hi Guidolin -

Thanks so much for writing in about all the advantages to animals when coconut husks are used in stables.

It's very helpful information indeed and many thanks for your post!

We're sure that your information and websites will be of great assistance to anyone looking for more information on this topic.

In much appreciation,


Horse Bedding
by: Anonymous

Here in California it's available under the name of Coconut Cowboy, though the one place I knew dropped it as a product last week. I am now searching for another local distributor. You can find them on Facebook under that name and they answer any questions posted

Coconut bedding
by: Steve Qmar


Your wait is over (almost!).

The coco-bedding you are looking for will be available in the month of November'2014. We are in the process of completing all our trials, packaging, pricing and other logistical aspects of bringing this product to the USA.

Please contact for further information. We would like to put you on our mailing list and updates when the product is available.


by: WWW.GUIDOLINHORSES.COM careful on composition and compression of coir bedding.

We sell 26Kg(57.32 lbs) bales of coconut fibre bedding for horses and we guarantee :

- no peat inside
- smooth and soft fibre (easy to distribute )
- free from chemical additives and soil disease
- free draining formula with high water holding capacity
- Moisture content below 20%
- 100% Organic
- 100% biodegradable
- usable for up tot 3 months
- High deodorant power
- Retains liquid and ammonia

The product looks very nice (soft, smooth,
easy to distribute evenly). It is easy to use
both in the initial preparation of litter and
during its maintenance (the solid part of
manure remains well separated and easy to
remove). Due to its high absorption capacity, the litter is always very dry on the surface. It ensures the complete removal of odors.

We can affirm that is the most economical bedding on the market: it has unbelievable absorption properties and is quick to muck out with less waste product.

You'll save time and money plus as this absorbs more than any other Horse bedding you'll save on storage space.

For more info:
Delivery worldwide

Coco Bedding
by: Steve Qmar

Hi Kate,

Please check our website
Almost all your questions are answered in our website. Along with the SC Dept.of Agriculture we have done the trials in horse barns & have had amazing results. Our shipment is enroute & will be at our warehouse by the end of Nov-2014. We are accepting pre-orders. Please advise comments.


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