Can Coconut Oil Remove
Raised Moles?

by Linda
(United States)

There are a lot of sites that says coconut oil can remove moles, warts, scars, etc. Is this true for a raised mole? The size of my mole is about an eraser of a pencil. Can it remove raised moles if I apply coconut oil for some time? If so, will it blend in with my skin color? How long will it take? A month, a few weeks?


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Raised Moles?

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Reply to Can Coconut Oil Remove Raised Moles?
by: Kate

Hi Linda,

Coconut oil is absolutely beneficial for raised moles but the healing time varies person to person and also depends on factors like:

-the size of one's mole
-how often you apply the coconut oil to the mole
-what type of coconut oil you use

The general recommendation of times per day to apply the oil is twice. With this frequency and with a mole of your size, our estimate would be somewhere in the ball park of 8-10 weeks. However, if you increase the applications to 3-4x/day, the healing time would be less. Some people have seen moles disappear in 3-4 weeks but that is more unusual.

A few months ago we had a lady write in to us with exactly this situation. She had a sun spot that turned into a mole over a period of 2 years. She wrote to us to say that the mole disappeared in 3 weeks or so by just using coconut oil. If you would like to take a look at her testimony, visit this page on our site... Go all the way down to the bottom and you will see a heading that says "read other coconut oil and skin reviews."

The type of coconut oil that you use for this purpose is very important too. Unrefined and cold pressed is the best as it will be higher in antioxidants than other types.

So, best of luck to you with your mole and we would love to hear how things turn out. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns too!

Yours in health,


Hasn't been working
by: Linda


I've been using coconut oil for almost two months now and I don't really see much of a difference. I've been using Extra virgin coconut oil and I put it on the moles at least twice a day. Is there anything more that I can do to remove the moles?


Removal of Moles
by: Kate

Hi Linda,

So sorry to hear that you haven't seen much change with your mole. However, please don't give up because we just may need to "tweek" things a bit.

I know you said that you have been applying the oil 2x/daily for nearly 10 weeks, right? Well, why don't you try applying the oil 3-4x/day and see if this speeds healing time. Also, you may want to cover the lubricated mole with a large bandaid. It often helps to keep the area moistened all the time and should accelerate shrinkage.

If you haven't taken a look at our page on "coconut oil and skin" you may want to. On the bottom of the page is a testimony from a women who had your exact issue and succeeded in getting rid of her mold. Here is the link:

Finally, if you find in 3-4 more weeks that it still hasn't changed much, you are most welcome to order our "fermented" oil and see if that would work better for you. Our oil is extra virgin, organic AND fermented which is the very best kind of oil you can buy.

If this interests you, we would be happy to send you a sample.

Do let us know of your progress and what you would like to do.

Thank you for writing in...and Best of Luck!


Where did they go?
by: Anonymous

I am pregnant and therefore very conscience of what I put in/on my body. I started using coconut oil on my stomach as a stretch mark preventative. To my amazement all of a sudden the 2 moles on my stomach had virtually disappeared. I was somewhat confused because I didn't know what to attribute it to until I started to look it up. The one mole was approximately the size of my pinky nail and was slightly raised....I was somewhat concerned about it because it had been darkening over the past year. It is now the size of a very small freckle. The other mole was raised it is now almost flat and lighter in colour. Now that I know what is helping to rid them I will make more of a conscience effort to remove others so that I can vase a timeframe of how long it takes.

how long?
by: Anonymous


for the comment above, may I ask how long did it take you to remove those moles?

Thank you

by: ruth

I had a mole on my chest, looked a bit iffy,had been putting coconut oil on my face and just rubbed some on the mole as well,cant believe it has nearly gone in a couple of weeks

by: ruth

I had a mole on my chest, looked a bit iffy,had been putting coconut oil on my face and just rubbed some on the mole as well,cant believe it has nearly gone in a couple of weeks

by: ruth

I had a mole on my chest, looked a bit iffy,had been putting coconut oil on my face and just rubbed some on the mole as well,cant believe it has nearly gone in a couple of weeks

by: ruth

I had a mole on my chest, looked a bit iffy,had been putting coconut oil on my face and just rubbed some on the mole as well,cant believe it has nearly gone in a couple of weeks

Response to Ruth's Mole That Disappeared
by: Kate

Hi Ruth,

WOW! Such wonderful news. Thanks a bunch for sharing!! Coconut oil never ceases to amaze, does it?
Keep doing what you're's obviously working.

Many blessings,


my mole
by: tracey elmore

I have been using coconut oil on my mole at nite for almost two weeks but I use coconut oil on my face during the day. My mole is raised just a little. How long will it take.

Have a raised mole - How long will it take to disappear?
by: Kate

Hi Tracey,

It's hard to say. Every person is different and so are healing times for moles. However, you are doing the right thing by applying coconut oil to the area nightly.

BTW, where is your mole located?

If you don't feel that the mole is shrinking much what you can do is to apply the coconut oil to the area more often. In many cases, what folks need to do is to make sure that the area is continually saturated with the oil and this usually helps speed healing time.

Also, what type of oil are you using? The very best kind of oil to use in this case would be a cold pressed, fermented oil which would have the highest level of antioxidants and essential fatty acids in it.

Wishing you much success Tracey and let us know how things go for you.

Many blessings,


It works!!!
by: Stacey t

I am currently using the organic coconut oil process to remove my mole and ITS WORKING!!

Apply 1x per day but the trick is don't just rub it on like a sunscreen or lotion. Put a big glob of it on a bandaid and
Slap that over the mole and leave on for 24 hours.
Then shower, dry off, same method.

I've done this for 8 weeks now and my once soft, but very dark eraser sized raised mole has started to get touch and bumpy like a scab, and then today in the shower it lifted off my skin around the edges. It's just almost ready to fall off, but not quite.

Even after it does I will keep applying the coconut oil for several more weeks till I'm certain all the bad cells are dead.


Now I'm searching for moles I can eradicate.

to Tracy
by: Anonymous

Hi Tracy,

Can you show us some pictures like a before and after of your mole? Did it scar? So you ONLY used coconut oil to remove?

To Stacey
by: Anonymous

Did you cover it with a bandaid even when you're outside? Did anything happen to your skin?

Will it go away?
by: Anonymous

I've had a raised mole since birth. Will raw, organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil help it go away? It's a small raised mole. If I use it will it cause melanoma?

What Happened?
by: Alexa

Wasn't my mole supposed to shrink?? After reading this, I thought it would work on me. I bought extra virgin coconut oil and used it where my mole was (on my stomach). However I didn't cover it with a bandaid because I didn't want it to become flaky. So, I applied it on 2-4 times a day and I noticed that my mole was bigger than it was. My once small mole had become bigger in size. Why is this???

by: Anonymous

I had one start by my hairline on my forehead, I put coconut oil on nightly, now they are smooth and fading away, trying on bigger now' but do a complete hot face bath with warm virgin coconut oil massaged into my face and neck.

Moles under breast
by: Ms. Patty

Can coconut oil remove moles under the breast?

by: Kate

Hi Ms. Patty,

Coconut oil has helped many folks with moles all over the body so there is no reason to believe that it won't under your breasts. We would highly suggest giving it a try and it's best to apply the oil liberally to the mole area, 2-3x/day.

Thank you for writing in and let us know how it works for you!

Blessings and Health,


Wasn't My Mole Supposed To Shrink?
by: Kate

Hi Alexa,

The idea behind using liberal amounts of coconut oil to help shrink moles is that it's a natural substance that works really well to suffocate the mole. By blocking oxygen to the mole, it will shrink and eventually die.

If the coconut oil rubs off because it's not covered with a bandaid or something, then this process is interrupted and you can very well have a mole that grows bigger rather than smaller.

So, we would suggest that you apply liberal amounts of coconut oil to the area and make sure that it stays covered. Then, after some days you should see better results.

Thanks for writing in and best wishes for success!!

Healthy regards,


Not sure how to do this
by: Kandis

I got extra virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil around April and I didn't cover my mole with a bandaid because I didn't want my mole to look weird, so I just put globs of it on top of my mole with no bandaid. I didn't see any results for a month or so. Then I decided to get a bandaid and put a big glob of the oil on my mole and covered it. I noticed that it looked a little bit scabby. I wasn't sure if that was what it was supposed to look like? I went on other websites and it didn't say anything about putting a bandaid over it, and it would just eventually fall off in pieces. What should I do? Summer is coming around and I don't want to go out with a scabby mole. Should I cover with a bandaid or no? Please help

Response to Not Sure How To Do This?
by: Kate

Hi Kandis,

Yes! You are on the right track! Just keep covering the mole because the idea is to suffocate it.

As it dies, the mole will become scabby and eventually shrink and fall away. But, don't do anything differently than you are doing because if you stop, the process will be interrupted.

In addition to coconut oil and bandaids, you can also use duct tape. This will also suffocate the mold satisfactorily.

Hope that help!

Keep us posted on the saga of the shrinking mole :-)...

Healthy regards,


How long?
by: Kandis

Hi, so how long is this supposed to take? Also I've been covering my mole a bandaid and coconut oil and I have seen no results yet. When will it go away?

Response to Can Coconut Oil Remove Raised Moles?
by: Kate

Hi Kandis,

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with the mole! We certainly understand how frustrating it can be, but hang in there!! :-)

How long have you been using the coconut oil and bandaid method now?
And, how often do you apply the oil to the mole?

Kandis, every one responds differently to this sort of thing and it just may be that we need to "tweak" things a bit. As mentioned before, the most important thing is that the mole must be saturated completely and continuously with the oil in order to suffocate the mole.

So, we would recommend you keep going with the oil and apply liberal amounts of it to the mole throughout each day and perhaps you might try duct tape as a covering instead of bandaids? That may seal off any residual "air" that might still be getting thru.
Hope that helps!

Let us know how that works for you.

Blessings and Health,


Will it still work
by: Kandis

Also I've had my mole since birth. On one if the websites I read, it said that u cannot get rid of a raised mole if it is from birth;(( is this true

dmos and coconut oil
by: trish

I have dmso gel 70/30 and I was wondering if it could be mixed with the coconut oil and if so what ratio would you use<

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Can Coconut Oil Remove Raised Moles comment
by: Kate

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for visiting and posting a comment. We are so glad you have found us and are one of our fans!!! We love that!!

Thank you also for your kind words about the information we post. It's people like you that make what we do a LOT more fun!!

Blessings & Health,


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just wondering
by: Anonymous

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Like, do I tape my eye with the glob of coconut oil?

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Something did work on my mole
by: Anonymous

I switched to using only oils for my face during the last year or so. I used different types, but mostly (in that order) olive, argan, coconut, rosehip, jojoba. I didn't try to eliminate raised moles. I had one on my eyelid which obstructed my vision a bit. It was raised and relatively light. I realized a few weeks ago, it is completely gone. I didn't even notice it. All I was doing is applying a thin layer of oil (dabbing with my finger tips) on my top and bottom eyelids at night and in the AM. I wish I knew which oil worked. I tried to research which MIGHT HAVE worked and came across this. I will try the same approach with my other raised mole on my cheek. It is pretty big. I will just try them one by one and see which one works... Wish I knew which one did that...

Amazing coconut oil
by: Anonymous

I have a mole on the side of my nostril. I was thinking about getting it surgically removed. I started using vitamin E oil on my face instead of the toxic chemical ridden moisturizers that would make me break out in acne. I get so many compliments on my skin! I recently decided to do the same with the rest of my body, but I decided to try the coconut oil that has been sitting in my cabinet for quite some time. I then starts putting it on my face also. I just started to notice that my bothersome mole has almost completely disappeared. It has also helped tremendously with the age spots that I had on my face, chest and hands. Amazing!!!! I came across this article because I had to see if anyone else has seen similar results 💖

24hrs coconut oil for 1 week. no difference. Help!
by: Anonymous

i have been using parachute oil(100% coconut oil) that we get back here in india. but nothing seems to happen. i have been applying it 24 hrs past a week. i dab good quantity oil and secure it with a tape. also, it is on my upper lip( like a beauty spot) so i am scared if it turns bigger or leaves a scar if i stop applying coconut oil. please help!

What type of mole?
by: Karen

What if the mole is skin cancer? Would you still use this?

by: Anonymous

Will the mole grow back?

Removes moles, and freckles?! NEW
by: Anonymous

After hearing about coconut oil removing moles, I panicked and realised it might be whats fading my face freckles - Which I love! Is coconut oil whats making my freckles disappear?

Oil pulling NEW
by: Jnl

I stared using coconut oil to whiten my teeth. Each morning I brush at the end with a teaspoon of oil and swallowing it. I noticed a few moles getting smaller on my body. I heave made no other changes in my routine. It's been about 3 months sence I started this

moles NEW
by: Anonymous

hi, i prepared my cocunut oil at home . can i use it on a mole on my leg that ive had since birth?

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